The Chance to Fail

Imagine trying something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s an escape room. Or maybe it's something you have done before that you already know makes you queasy. Like public speaking.

Now, what if I had a crystal ball and I told you that you were going to fail at that thing. Would you still do it?

Your presentation is going to be a disaster. Do you still volunteer for it? You are bewildered by the puzzles in the escape room even though others seem to catch on quickly. Do you still go?

Does the thought of trying and failing trigger stress at the thought that you won’t measure up?

Or does the opportunity to fail spark motivation to try something new in order to discover areas where you can grow in your knowledge and abilities?

In her book, Mindset, Carol Dweck writes about researching how school-age children tackled problems in the form of puzzles. She writes, "confronted with the hard puzzles, one ten-year-old boy pulled up his chair, rubbed his hands together, and cried out, “I love a challenge!”

What if failing didn’t lead to us question how smart or valuable we are but instead was an exciting and motivating opportunity to grow.

What if we were grateful for the opportunity to fail?

How does your individual mindset about failure play into team building? A confident team that is ready to tackle tough challenges is comprised of confident individuals that are ready to tackle tough challenges.

You get to determine your own thoughts and actions and how you communicate and work with others within your team. In turn, these thoughts and actions have great influence on how your team communicates and serves each other as a whole.

The next time you fail at something, take a moment to see if you can reframe that failure from stress-inducing regret to a grateful attitude at the opportunity to find out about an area you can learn and grow in.

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